Back to Life, Back to Reality

Is the song stuck in your head now? My apologies, but you’re not alone- I’ve been singing it in mine for about an hour. Well people, it’s official: I’m back in the states and totally unemployed. When you first think of not having a job, it sounds appealing- no alarm, no assignments, no one to […]

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Saved by the Gays

Once Ryan and I escaped out of the hostel into the land of the homeless, we found some free wifi at a bar nearby. A brief AirBnB search and a few brews later, we finally booked a place that looked promising. After a half mile luggage lug, we were on the welcome mat of our […]

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Hostile Hostel

The treacherous trek described in my previous post was just the beginning of our Ibiza nightmare. After a rough landing and bus ride into the Old Town of Eivissa, Ryan and I were greeted by our hostel host José, who didn’t seem to understand our exhausting struggle because he did not speak English. It was hard […]

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Highway To Hell

So I may have jinxed myself and Ryan in the last post. The morning of our departure from Pamplona, Ryan and I woke up at an ungodly time to catch our bus a mile walk away, with very heavy luggage in some prematurely agressive 80 degree heat. A sweaty twenty minutes later, a screen of […]

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Ready, Set, GO!

  After what seemed like an eternity standing on the narrow cobblestone road waiting for insanity to commence, a flare gun fired and we began to run for our lives. As a spectator the bulls seem large and swift, but as a runner they are monstrous and stomp twice as fast as your heartbeat. Once […]

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Party n Bullshit 🐂

The infamous San Fermin Festival certainly lives up to its hype. Between the drinking, bull running, and more drinking, it’s hard to not get lost in the vast sea of red and white. The streets are constantly full of bands marching, hooligans stumbling, and foreigners cheering traditional chants they don’t know the words to. While […]

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Madrid: To Confuse & Amuse

Spain speaks a whole lot less English than Portugal. Being a student of Spanish since middle school, I thought maybe I had a slight advantage on the average American traveler, pero tal vez not. As one would assume, the locals here talk much faster than the teachers back home, and the mixed in slang doesn’t […]

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For Shore 🤙🏼

First off let me just say DAMN, it’s been over a week since my last entry? Sorry to keep you all waiting… time does fly when you don’t have a 9 to 5. For those who are steadily working, just watch the video attached to this post and I’m sure you’ll be feeling much higher […]

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Skoot Skoot

“Today we Vespa” is what Ryan and I said upon waking up this morning. The hills and heat finally got to us, so we decided to skoot around town instead. After a nice dirty chai latte at Copenhagen Coffee Lab, we took our last taxi to Cooltra- the best skooter rental place in Lisbon. Though […]

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Tuesdays Are For The Beaches

Sun’s out, bum’s out. Literally. Early this afternoon, Ryan and I Ubered (yes, the Portuguese have Uber too) across the “Golden Gate” bridge to Costa Da Caparica, Europe’s longest continuous sandy shoreline at 24km. Translation: 15 miles of sunshiny bliss- not to mention a surfer’s, quite literal, wet dream. Unfortunately the waves weren’t gnarly enough to […]

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Rainy Day In Paradise

Though today wasn’t the sunniest of days in Portugal, the crew still decided to be productive and venture out to Belém & Cascais- both areas having some serious sites to see. With monuments not really being my thang, I was pleasantly surprised. The Portuguese have quite an impressive history, and the most bad ass castles […]

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Surf Shak Attack

  Here’s a quick mash up of where Ry Guy and I will be staying for the next two weeks. And yes, we will be going surfing later. Our roomies missing from the video: Laila and Valeria from Switzerland.  Then Simon and Veronica from Canada. Lastly, Katja and Anja from Germany. Hosts being Jure, Filipa, […]

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