Hello, Óla, Hola

IMG_2606As I prepare to embark on a journey from America to Portugal and Spain, I figured I’d brush up on my greetings for each. Though I should say “Goodbye” to America instead of “Hello”- I believe the Beatles would’ve argued otherwise.

Being my first time out of the country, besides Canada, which let’s be real doesn’t count, I am excited… but calm. I’ve always been the type of person to not realize the gravity of a situation until it is happening right under my nose. I even remember as a kid when Christmas neared, I was never excited about Santa’s arrival until the morning I woke up and actually saw presents under the tree. I believe the only element of surprise involved was how year after year my crazy sister Stephanie didn’t receive coal, but I digress.

So here’s to the calm before the storm, cheers.

8 thoughts on “Hello, Óla, Hola

  1. What’s up… I’m so 😡 you didn’t take me. I know you two are going to have the Time of your lives… Stay out of trouble and have fun love ya ! Eddie O


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