Tuesdays Are For The Beaches


Sun’s out, bum’s out. Literally.

Early this afternoon, Ryan and I Ubered (yes, the Portuguese have Uber too) across the “Golden Gate” bridge to Costa Da Caparica, Europe’s longest continuous sandy shoreline at 24km. Translation: 15 miles of sunshiny bliss- not to mention a surfer’s, quite literal, wet dream. Unfortunately the waves weren’t gnarly enough to ride today due to some high winds, but not to worry as we will be visiting this seemingly infinite beach at least a couple of more times before we, dare I say it, leave this beautiful country. And with the amount of topless old women we saw today, why wouldn’t we want to go back and venture further down to Meco Beach? Portugal’s oldest nudist beach… don’t worry, I’ll be sure to capture some raw footage for that one.

Speaking of departures, our good Canadian friends, Simon and Veronica, are checking out early tomorrow morning. However, there won’t be much time to grieve as the sadness of their empty room will be filled with new flatmates tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed they don’t suck, like the one girl who took our Swissmates room this past weekend… we all refer to her as “the one we do not speak of”, though she may have been worse than Voldemort himself.

Moving on, here are a few pictures from our lazy Tuesday, not naked. Cheers.

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