For Shore 🤙🏼


First off let me just say DAMN, it’s been over a week since my last entry? Sorry to keep you all waiting… time does fly when you don’t have a 9 to 5. For those who are steadily working, just watch the video attached to this post and I’m sure you’ll be feeling much higher afterwards.

On our last two days in Portugal, Ryan and I decided to keep the wheels spinning from a Vespa to an actual car via an Enterprise in downtown Lisbon. However, this time we drove much further than our scooter previously let us… three hours south to the cliffs of Algarve to be exact. Though stickshift wasn’t Ryan’s forté at first, he did manage to get us there in one piece- more importantly the rental. Upon arriving at our last minute AirBnB in Vila do Bispo, a small village on the most Southern tip of Portugal,  we corked open a bottle of wine and cheers’d to our arrival (but to me, our survival).

That evening, we drove along the coast of Algarve and actually caught the sunset on the most beautiful shore I have ever seen. Pictures nor video do the scenery justice, so I do not dare to attempt with words. All I could do was sit on the edge, breath in then out, and think of how lucky I was to be there in that moment, witnessing the ease of nature’s perfection.

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