Ready, Set, GO!


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After what seemed like an eternity standing on the narrow cobblestone road waiting for insanity to commence, a flare gun fired and we began to run for our lives. As a spectator the bulls seem large and swift, but as a runner they are monstrous and stomp twice as fast as your heartbeat. Once the beasts got too close for comfort, Ryan and I jumped onto a side fence amongst other leaping lunatics and held on until the herd passed. All of the espressos I’ve consumed this vacation couldn’t amount to the energy obtained from the adrenaline pumping through my veins that very moment.

A bruise or two later, our courageous selves decided to drink a beer in celebration of our livelihood- promptly at 8:15am, like every good bull runner does. (It’s tradition, not alcoholism). The two days that followed were much more calm, as we slept most of Saturday and traveled a mere hour north on Sunday to La Concha; a perfectly coved beach in San Sebastián with a view you wouldn’t believe. Overall, Pamplona was an unforgettable adventure… with one unforgettable problem: our AirBnB host for the week, Conchi.

Now this woman, most likely in her early sixties, was one of those people who are so sweet they’re sour. But instead of the sour taste going away after its initial sting, it just lingered- forever. In the beginning, Ryan and I were fooled by her good intentioned trickery and found ourselves trapped in long “informative” rants day after day. The sheer fact that she lived there alongside us only added to the annoyance. She also restricted the use of the washing machine and stripped us the right to cook in the kitchen completely. Oh, and wifi? Forget about it. Once we understood the gravity of her talkative personality and strict ruling of the apartment, dodging Conchi became a mastered, and frequent, habit.

Though during the latter half of our trip we were able to escape our host more easily, this AirBnB was a tough one. But hey, who can say they ran from bulls AND a crazy lady in the same day? Now onto Ibiza, where we hope only the good times follow! Cheers.

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