Saved by the Gays

Once Ryan and I escaped out of the hostel into the land of the homeless, we found some free wifi at a bar nearby. A brief AirBnB search and a few brews later, we finally booked a place that looked promising.

After a half mile luggage lug, we were on the welcome mat of our new “home.” As the door opened so did our mouths. It was the best place we’ve had the pleasure to stay at- wifi, air conditioning, and the most chic decor. So how did we get so lucky? The answer may be due to the fact that our hosts were José and Javier.

Everything was colorful, warm, and intricately designed, much like their personalities. From the perfectly placed Espresso Machine in the kitchen to the LED lights in the private shower, we happily traded in our tickets from hell for a little Spanish heaven. Staying here throughout the remainder of our trip made the complications prior seem insignificant. Five dreamy days later, Ryan and I sorely said goodbye and hopped on a plane back to the US of A.

I digress on the details of the partying/activities we partook in during those last few outings due to my reputation as a person professionally, and maybe morally. But hey if you ever go to Ibiza, here are some guidelines:

  1. Always cover your drink, roofies aren’t fun- this isn’t The Hangover.
  2. Be prepared to see a lot of skin and sin. Day or night, rain or shine.
  3. Don’t let yourself be harassed or sucked into the realm of beach promoters. They’re not your friend and you will lose money.
  4. Wear a helmet if you decide to rent a Scooter. Every rider for himself.
  5. If you’re going to ‘take a pill in Ibiza’, test it out first. Nobody likes a Debby Downer on uppers.

Follow these few rules and you should be Golden like the Coral. Or don’t follow my advice, to each his own. Cheers!


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